Tuesday, March 15, 2011


my lady bug watch
I have never been one for jewelry, really. Ok, I take that back. In high school I did wear big gaudy "play" type necklaces and earrings (I had a big yellow heart necklace with a little guy inside that I called my "boyfriend". I honestly took one of my senior pictures with it on, I'm too lazy to scan it right now, though). And rubber duck earrings. And a plastic lady bug watch. Oh was  I awesome.

Anyway, I have only ever worn 2 rings in my life (My CTR ring given to me when I was in the 7th grade. I still wear it. And my wedding ring.). I wore the same pair of earrings (Celtic knots Matt gave me before he left on his mission) for 9 years until one of the backs fell off last year and I had to replace them with some dragons we got at the Scottish Festival.

Last year when I had my wardrobe revamp, I did purchase some dollar jewelry store necklaces, but those get broken lickity split since the clasps are so crappy. I decided I do like wearing certain necklaces, I just am still too cheap to buy much of anything for fear it will break.

I purchased a beautiful turquoise bead necklace from India with a clasp that was very Walter proof off of Overstock. Unfortunately I'm not one to remember to read details when I buy online, and the necklace was 28 in. long. I have a short neckline and body as is, and the necklace itself weighed 2 lbs. because it was so beaded, plus it was nearly twice as long as I expected!. It was beautiful, but it engulfed me. I was so sad. I couldn't return it because shipping would have basically ruined it for me, so I gave it to one of my friends. She in turn brought over a lot of her old necklaces that she didn't really wear much anymore. Dean was in heaven! He had to try every one of them on.  It's been nice to have a selection and I have, in fact, been wearing necklaces a lot more lately (largely influenced by Walter's begging. "pretty neckas" while he pats my neck.)

Unfortunately, these too have broken easily in the hands of Walter (who loooooves necklaces). When I was telling a friend about it, she suggested I get some Mardi Gras beads for him. I actually had some in a box from years ago, and I was able to find them easily. He's enjoyed having his very own beads. On one afternoon, Walt wanted to wear underwear like Dean, a necklace like mom, and he raided the winter box and found himself a hat and one glove. Since it was getting too hot for his winter hats, I finally got him some summer hats.  He does love to accessorize.


Amanda said...

How fun. That is a lot of necklaces! I recently discovered that you can get Lia Sophia jewelry on eBay for a fraction of the catalog price (like $15 for a $90 necklace. So that might be worth checking out if you are still interested in looking. I just skipped accessories for several years while my babies were in the touching and grabbing stages.

Lois said...

What a cute little Walter. And Dean is pretty good looking himself.