Monday, August 16, 2010

Walter at 1 year

Well, we took Walt to his 1 year check up last week, and while I haven't been blogging much, I figured it was a good milestone to record.

The good: he's right on track with all development. After talking to the urologist he doesn't have to have surgery, though we'll check back in a year to make sure. After talking to the ENT, he doesn't need tubes in his ear, though we'll have another check up next week to make sure he's still in the clear.

The bad: he's anemic. He was at 10 mo. and he was still anemic (though a little less) at 12 mo. We weren't very good about giving him his iron supplement, so we're trying to be much better. She said if he fails it again next month, we'll have to do other tests and junk. boo.

The stats:
Weight: 23.12 (61%)
Height: 30 3/4 (75%)
Head Circ.: 18 1/2 (65%)

Some things about him at this stage:

He LOVES to climb.

The dismount from the table.
He's pretty good at getting down from his climbs, though he screams for me occasionally.

He HATES having his diaper changed.
If he knows I'm coming to change him, he crawls as fast as he possibly can as far away as he possibly can! I generally have to grab him and bring him back to where I'm changing him 3-4 times during 1 diaper change!

A recent development is that he takes his diaper off if I don't put shorts on him immediately.
I've found him naked (and covered in pee -- no poop thankfully) after more than 1 nap! I never once had that happen with Dean!

He still loves food. He generally eats all of his food PLUS whatever Dean doesn't eat of his! (Not to mention all the food he gleans off the floor!!) He probably eats twice as much solid food as Dean. I mean, the kid ate Chinese stir-fry with assorted veggies and fish tonight.
Ate it and loved it.

He throws up if I give him too much milk at once, so I can't ever give him a full sippy.

I can still get him to take a nap at church if I have him in the ergo and cover his head with the little shade thing.

He often buries his head on his bed or on the floor either when he's tired or acting shy.

His eyes are the most brilliant blue.

He loves to feed me and will put whatever I'll allow in my mouth.

He's very close to walking. He's constantly standing up in the middle of the room to do things. The most successive steps he's taken on his own was 3-4, and he was going a bit diagonal. =) He'll frequently take one step and then go down to finish crawling.

His words: Mom! Mom!! No, no, no, no. Dad. Yeah. He shakes his head yes, no, and shrugs his shoulders. He waves goodbye. When he wants me, he beckons me with the "come here" hands (the reverse wave).

He really tries his darnedest to keep up with Dean.
Here he's trying to climb out of the tub, but Dean's doing his best to help keep him in!

Here's a video of him climbing on top of the picnic table. Silly kid.

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