Friday, August 13, 2010

My piano website is up!

I have been working very hard this week trying to get a piano business plan and website. Hopefully I'll post different teaching ideas, links I find helpful, games that worked for me, etc. as I go along. If I don't do anything else with it, though, it has a blurb about me, my studio policies, prices, what books I use, and contact info. So, feel free to browse through it and let me know if I've made any blaring mistakes or left something important out. I would like to add a "testimonial" page where I have little blurbs from past students, parents, and/or music teachers praising my awesomeness. =)

The site is: Come Play Piano! (the actual web address is

While putting it together I was pleased with blogger's new template designer and especially happy they have an automatic widget for the horizontal navigation bar.

Oh, and my friend Erin, who's an awesome licensed interior designer (and an incredible entrepreneur with all of her other craftsy endeavors), helped me sketch up possible rearrangement plans so I can fit my electric piano and a computer into my little living room (along with my couch, chair and a half, piano, and hutch/filing cabinet, tv, and shoe storage!). She also helped me with a color scheme, so hopefully I can go get some paint and fabric, and get to redesigning so this place looks more professional!! (Can I say I'm so happy she's back in Dallas! She took a year with her husband to go to Chicago for grad school and just moved back.)

The other thing I've been working a lot this week is getting a preschool co-op put together. I am heading up a group of young mothers who will rotate teaching. I've put together music lists, schedule outlines, forms and documents to help us get started, lesson plan ideas, calendars for the next school year, etc. I hope we can get it working and that we'll enjoy the set up. We started with 5 kids, one's already dropped out, and another has concerns. I think, though, 3-4 is a good number.


Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

I think it looks great overall, awesome job! The only thing I could think of that may be important is a section on days and times availble for lessons.

Good luck!

Erin S. said...

I'm happy to be back too! :) Like Jodi, putting some type of calendar on there with available days/times for lessons would be a fantastic idea. You might be able to find some coding or a widget to add one pretty easily.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Good idea ladies. I think I can link to a google calendar.

The Drapers said...

I didn't know Erin and Christian are back in Texas. That's neat! can't wait to see pics of your new piano studio!