Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Taking the plunge

And yes, pun intended.

Wish me luck.

I just bought an entire cloth diapering system. I went with Gro Baby Live system. I ordered it through a great online store (DiaperCo) that happens to be located in the next town over from me. The ladies who run it are great. The owner isn't LDS, but her daughter is. They're both really nice. They let me come to their house and look at all the different diapers and answered all my questions.

I thought I received my answer last fall that I wasn't going to do cloth, but it kept bugging me. Every time I read something from the church about being prepared (which is quite frequent these days), it comes to my mind that I need to be prepared on the diapering front as well. Not sure why. Not sure if it's going to be a necessity at some point. I just know it keeps coming back to me. So I am going ahead with it. Who am I to fight a prompting?

I won't, however, need to dunk the diapers since I bought a diaper sprayer.

I'm hoping that I won't have to custom make Walt's pants now. I have a hard enough time finding clothes that fit him with disposables since he's such a little chunk. Now with cloth it will be a little bulkier still...

We'll see how Dean does with the switch. Maybe it will help motivate him to fully potty train. Maybe not. I'm ok with it either way.

On another purchasing/preparedness note, I decided to go with a Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill wheat grinder. I was going to do an electric Nutrimill, and I still may later on, but buying both at the same time felt too frivolous. I felt like it was more important to have a decent hand crank in case power is down and we need it. This one can also grind oily things like peanut butter, flax, and herbs etc. Now to go to the cannery and get us some wheat!

Oh, and did I ever mention I purchased a double jogging stroller after 8 months of searching? I bought a Baby Jogger Double Performance with 20 in. tires. It was about $150 cheaper on Ebay than I've ever seen it, so I went ahead with it. I had gone between the Tike Tech Sport and this one. This has a better frame (with a life time warranty), but I was a little disappointed that the seats didn't recline fully like the Tike Tech. So, I won't be able to take a new infant out like I could in the other. I didn't realize that before I purchased. But I'm still happy. It's a good jogger and it's nice to be running (...jogging...) again.


Sheree and Brian Mowers said...

Yeah! Good for you! I love my cloth diapers (for the most part:)! It does make you feel a little more prepared. I do it mainly for the cost effectiveness too!

Academy said...
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Sheree and Brian Mowers said...

Sorry, that was me that deleted the comment earlier. I was logged in under the business email. Whoops! :)

Ali said...

Hey congrats on the jogger. Just fyi, my friend put her little baby in a similar jogger and did the whole newborn head support with rolled up blankets. I think her baby was 2 months or something. Something you may have to think about later... I guess not now. !

Kristeee said...

Wow, way to be prepared.

David said...
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Juls said...

WOW! Good job girl!