Tuesday, March 09, 2010

D is for Drums

I got some sidewalk chalks the other day in good faith that it would some day stop raining here. I thought Dean might enjoy them.

Today we had some beautiful weather (after being cooped up with the rain the past while) and he was begging to go outside with them. We spent 90% of our day outside today. It was heavenly.

He drew some lines and scribbles and then asked for me to draw some things for him: A circle house (?). A square house. ABC stars (?). After I started drawing the ABC's he started drawing again. He made a downward motion and then an arching motion to the right. By golly it looked like a "D"! He declared it to be a D and that "D is for drums" (from They Might Be Giants here come the ABC's) , and of course I praised and agreed with him. He then continued to produce a number of D's. (Some looked a little like P's, but overall, for a 2 year old, I was quite impressed.) When Matt got home I asked him to draw a D for dad and he did it correctly!

What a little smarty pants. I love that he loves his ABC's.

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Erin said...

What? I was hoping for a picture to go with the post! :) Great job Dean-he's so smart!! (And awesome job mom for teaching and supporting him!!)