Wednesday, March 10, 2010

D is for Dentist

Dean had his first dentist appointment today. I really didn't have high hopes for it since the last time we were at the doctor he wouldn't even let her look in his mouth at all. But he first watched me get my teeth cleaned and checked, and then they showed him all the instruments. Once he got to see how each thing worked, they checked his teeth and cleaned them. Not one problem from him!! He was such a champ. I was very proud of him and how well he did. He was such a good boy.

Since Erin asked for pictures of the D, I snapped a few before it started raining again this morning. The other D looks backwards, but he drew it while facing the other direction, so it was still correct.


Erin said...

Lol, Thanks for the pictures! So cute! Dean is such a great little guy!

Juls said...

HAHA! Dean must be your first...i just got excited that David knows his letters (he still can't draw them!) You are awesome.

Lois said...

Conifer tree? What would Cookie Monster think?