Friday, March 19, 2010

Somehow this makes me feel right with the universe

Well, we're finishing up the second week of cloth diapering full time. For the most part it's really been an easy(ish) transition. There's a slight learning curve. I have to actually think about (and change) pee diapers, even if they haven't pooped. Don't let people tell you it's as easy as disposables, because it definitely not. But it's not so difficult or gross as one might think with modern diapers and technology.

In my mind there are a couple of "optional" accessories that are "necessities" for a person like me who wasn't SOLD on CDing. One is a sprayer. I got the bumgenius sprayer, and while it's kinda cheaply made (looks like metal in the pic. but is really plastic and the hanger thing is so flimsy that Dean broke it the first day), it's a life saver. No dunking or scrubbing. It's a little messy, though. The water sprays out a bit and I have to wipe the toilet and around the base with toilet paper after every time I spray a diaper. Not a big deal though. The other is one or two washable pail liners. I can't imagine not having one. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I can imagine not having one, and I don't like the thought of it. =) I'm also going to get some Charlie's Soap since I never know exactly how much of my regular soap to use (you're supposed to use less than you would with a regular load of clothes). Oh, and I'm finding that cloth wipes would be way, way easier than disposable wipes. Just toss 'em in with the diapers. With disposable wipes I have to find a trash to toss them and there's never a good place handy it seems. So, I'll have to make or get me some of those soon too.

I have 26 diapers (well, 26 snap-in inserts and 26 doublers and 14 covers since you can use the covers for more than one insert) and that's been enough for both boys if I do a load of diapers about every day and a half or so. I generally just dry the diapers, but if it's good weather (like it has been this week), there's no reason not to hang dry them and do a short fluff cycle afterward. Makes them last longer, and uses less energy.

We have had a few blow outs, but no more than with disposables, and maybe even fewer. My boys are just big poopers. What can I say?

I do use disposables at night. I tried the cloth with a doubler once at night and even after changing Walt once in the middle of the night (something I am happy to avoid if possible), he was soaking in the morning. Dean was slightly damp when he woke up, though he often is slightly damp even in disposable for some reason. So, I just decided to avoid the hassle and use a disposable. Honestly, I'm kind of glad they get a little break from the moisture. It works for us.

I'll most likely use disposables when we're traveling just for convenience sake, but I am feeling at peace with cloth for now.

Plus, their little tooshies are just so dang cute in them.


SeƱora H-B said...

I'm filing away your experience for future children. Even though kids aren't really even on the horizon yet, I've been trying to talk Mr. H-B into being okay with cloth. We've stopped using so many disposable products in other areas of our life, so this would make sense. Thanks for sharing!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I'm glad it helps in some way. Even if I only use them for 6 months I'll have evened out with how much I pay in disposables every month for 2 kids. I like not having so much diaper trash.

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

This post really inspired me... Now we'll see if I am able to muster the courage to follow through on it in the future.

Kristeee said...

Way to go!

Have you tried the overnight diapers for Dean? They're the only reason why Kate doesn't wake up sopping wet EVERY night - spending 12-14 hours in a diaper leaves it VERY wet.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

tried the night diapers and same thing. but i just get size 5 now for night for both of the boys and he's stayed drier. If he goes on the potty at night (which he usually does), his diaper's not as full.