Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yogurt: a study

This end mom?

I kinda like this "feeding myself" thing.

Oh, I get so much more with this end!
You mean I'd get even more if I didn't turn it over before my mouth?? I'll have to try that.

Hmm...I wonder what happens when you flip it?

It feels so...wet.

Yep. It makes your eyelashes a little heavier.

Interesting. Very interesting.

I wonder if apple sauce is this fun?



Lesley said...

These pictures just made me laugh, that is exactly how Lily is! She insists on doing it herself and in the end we have a great big mess. Has he tried drinking the yogurt yet? That one is mt favorite! I wish we still lived there and I could meet little Dean he is so cute.. So is Snowflake Arizona anywhere near Apache Junction? That is where we may end up after Christmas.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

It's about 3 hours away. What the heck is taking you there?

and no. he hasn't tried to drink it yet. That one should be fun.

Lindsay said...

I love how in the yogurt pictures, he's wearing clothes, but in the applesauce picture, he's not. Smart. :)

Erin said...

I can so relate! It's so hilarious when they figure out the whole utensil thing.

randa_joy said...

I don't know if wal-mart still has them but I got this bib that is plastic-ish on one side and fabric on the back and it has 2 snaps on each side of the bottom that make into a pocket. It's machine washable, wipeable, large and sturdy and catches 75% of stuff that might end up in her lap. I hope you have one or can find one.
Also I wish I would have had a baby shower/swim cap for when she was first starting to eat by herself. let me know if you find one of those. she still likes the feel of yogurt in her hair.

CASSIE said...

Oh my are such a good mom, I'm to lazy to clean up the, nothing messy by himself!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Lindsay, while the applesauce is more of a stainer, I think it was a warmer day. Most days I won't strip him down because it's too cold in our house. (We keep it at 66*.) Those days I just put an apron on him. I really want to make him some smocks.

Randa, a shower cap is a good idea! I'll keep my eye out.

Cass, some days I don't feel up to cleaning it up so I just feed him. I figure he's going to have to figure it out sometime! =)

Brian & Veronica said...

Celia, I'm so glad you liked the towel, I love it too. Anyway, I think you're awesome for letting dean do this. It took me a good 18 months before I let Lance feed himself, just too messy. Now...Ivy feeds herself and she's only 6.5 months! hahaha. O.K., just carrot sticks, apple sticks and orange slices, but still. I'm not afraid anymore. :)

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

The first time I left him alone with something messy was kinda out of necessity. I was teaching piano and he was STARVING and cranky and needy. The quickest thing I could give him was applesauce. I gave it to him and he happily entertained himself for about 20 min. It was just enough time to finish my lessons. I gladly cleaned him up afterward since it meant I had a whine-free lesson.