Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Best of Christmas 2008 (don't forget to read the end!)

I didn't get Christmas cards sent before we left on our 15 hour drive to AZ. Such is life.

I have been trying for about an hour to get Christmas pictures to post. I have them on my mom's computer, but her software is different than I'm used to and I'm trying to figure out how to access them. So, you may not get pictures till I'm home. Boo hoo.

The best thing about the trip here was that Matt drove all but 1.5 hours. I am not sure why, but I am fairly narcoleptic in a moving car. When I drive, it is a constant battle to keep my eyes open after about an hour. I have to either drink something peppered with a good dose of caffeine, or I have to constantly be chewing something. I don't prefer the prior, so I chose to do the latter. I pretty much ate carrots and sour patch kids the entire time I drove. Boy do I love sour patch kids. Also, Dean cried all but 1/2 hour while I was driving. Overall, he did ok with the very long drive.

We made it here and stayed with my sister Suzie's family the first night. The next day we came on to Snowflake, hitting the only snow and ice we've seen on this trip. There were some pretty rough spots, but Matt is a master driver and we made it safely.

The best lines in our Christmas Nativity play were from my 3 year old nephew. Just as he was supposed to come as a wiseman he turned to his mom who was narrating and said,

"Mom, I changed my mind. I want to be a sea moose."
"A sea moose? Do you mean a moose?"
"No, a sea moose."
"Well, what's a sea moose?"
"Mom. I changed my mind. I just want to be a moose."
"Well, Sky, I don't think there are any mooses in the Christmas story, so you're going to have to be a wise man."

He ended up riding into town on his camel (grandpa) and at the time of gift giving he said, "NO! That's my gold!"

It was a great play.

One of the other "best" or favorite traditions was my sister Suzie reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." She has told that every year as long as I can remember.

The most useful and fun present Matt received actually came in late October from his parents. He got a gigantic flat screen monitor for his computer. It is now doubling for our "movie theater" since it's bigger than our 20 in. TV. I think it's 26 or 27 inches or something. It is one of those gifts that counts for this Christmas plus our birthdays for next year, but it's worth it!

The most useful present I got was Isagenix shakes from my mom. Matt got me the Anne of Green Gables set, so that will be my fun present since I'll finally get to finish the series!!

My favorite gifts Dean received were awesome classic wooden toys. I love classic wooden toys that help develop motor skills. He especially loved the toy that requires him to hammer balls into holes. He didn't want to open any presents after that. He's obsessed with pounding on things recently, so it was a brilliant gift by Grandma B.

The best present we received, however, was the news that we are having a baby. Yep, that's right folks.

I am pregnant.

About 2 months pregnant actually. I know, I'm not past my first trimester, but I am NOT a good secret keeper and I am amazed I held off this announcement this long. We confirmed that we were pregnant on December 1st. I hadn't paid close attention to my cycle, but I had a good guess as to my ovulation time. I actually accurately guessed my due date from that! I've already had an ultrasound that confirmed my guessed due date.

Remember when I passed out and hurt myself? Well, yes, I was pregnant then, and though they didn't think I passed out because of the pregnancy, they wanted to check and make sure everything was ok. So, I went to the doctor the day after I fell, and at 6 weeks I could hear and see my baby's heart beating. It's just so amazing. The baby was in the right place and was looking just fine, so I was happy about that.

This baby is due August 3rd, but because I'm going to schedule a C-section (I don't want to go through anything like I did with Dean's birth), I'll probably have the baby a week or so early. So, they'll end up about 21 months apart.

I was almost in denial that I could be pregnant because of all our previous fertility issues. It took us 2 years (with the warning from a specialist that it could take us 10 years) to get pregnant with Dean. So 2-3 months was quite surprising! Surprising but welcomed.

I'm still nursing Dean mornings and nights, but I plan on completely weaning when we get home. I've felt quite good but REALLY tired (especially in the mornings) and often dizzy. I go from extremely full to extremely hungry at the drop of a hat. But I haven't been that nauseous, so I am eternally grateful for that.


Erin said...

Congrats! What a great Christmas present!

Lesley said...

Well congratulations! I am happy for you. Have fun in Arizona, we are not heading there after all.

Brian & Veronica said...

Celia!!! This is GREAT news! I'm soooo excited for you. I'm glad you're feeling well and not nautious. (is that spelled right? that looks really weird). I'm thrilled for you, I hope your whole pregnancy is just amazing! Merry Christmas! ;)

MDawg said...

Congratulations! Very exciting news! Good luck with everything!

Brooke said...

How exciting! Congratulations! It's been so fun to read your blog and see how Dean has grown and changed. It seems like you just had him and now he's over a year and you're going to have another! Yeah! I'm so glad you're feeling well. I hope things continue to go great for you. Merry Christmas!

Kristeee said...

Congratulations! That's exciting news. Hopefully the dizziness and your blood sugar will even out soon.

Sour Patch Kids are addictive, I think.

I love the ball pound toy, too. Kate got one for Christmas, but it's plastic. Right now she eats through and splinters wood apart, so we can't get her anything wooden. :)

Merry Christmas!

Jodi said...

Congrats Celia! We are happy for you and I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly. Merry Christmas! Did you tell your family as a gift too or did they already know?

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Yeah, I've had some mild nausea, but nothing like "I'm going to throw up". I haven't been real excited to cook either, so we've had quite basic meals recently.

It does seem like I just had Dean, so it's a little surrealistic to think we'll have another. But he'll be almost two by the time we get the next one.

We'd only told my parents before. We told all my siblings and Matt's family yesterday.

Erin S. said...

Celia! I'm so excited for you! Congrats! That sounds like they will be just about the right age apart! What a blessing! Have fun and I'll see you when you get back!

leethie said...

Hooray! So happy for your little family! You all are very blessed!

holly shaw said...

Congratulations. I love the 21 month space because even though my first are girl boy they still play really well most of the time.

randa_joy said...

I can't believe it was so easy this time!! That's amazing/amiracle! I'm excited for you! I just found out yesterday that my niece is pregnant with her first, due mid august ish. Woo-hoo!

Mizike said...

Congrats on the pregnancy =)

If you like the old fashion wooden toys, you might want to think about stocking up before February.

A new consumer protection law was passed that required all child toy manufactorers to have each toy tested for lead. This is very expensive, and many will not be able to do this. Small toy makers will close their doors, unless the law is adjusted.

Matt & Sarah Pace said...

Yeah For you guys!
How exiting! I hope it all goes well for you and you feel good!

-Laura- said...

Congrats!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!

Heather and Ryan said...

Hooray! Hope the pregnancy goes well for you. I hope your 1st trimester passes quickly! That's always the worst 3 months b/c you feel horrible but don't have any of the fun stuff (like baby moving) to compensate for the yuckiness.

Carrie LaHaie said...

I am so excited for you! Two is so much fun... siblings are so sweet to watch! yay!!!

CASSIE said...

Yeah!! I am soo excited for you!! I can't wait to get started on number 3!! Congrats! (and good luck with weaning!)

Curtis, Crystal, and Vance Birdno said...

Hurray!!! Congratulations Celia that is awesome. I am glad that things have been going well for you without too much sickness. I hope you continue to feel good. Love ya babe!!

Becky said...

Congrats!! I'm glad things are good so far, and that you're not sick! I'm not sick anymore, and I only have a month and a half left until baby #3 is here. I'm so happy for you! Good luck!

Jacqui said...

Awesome! Congrats. Wish I'd read your blog before I saw you at my parent's house. You look terrific, by the way!

Ethan and Eliza are 22 months apart. It is a PARTY.

Lindsay said...

I know I'm late to jump on the congratulatory bandwagon, but I wanted to include my congratulations as well. What happy news! I hope all goes smoothly for you.