Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby #4 revealed and a few bonus pics of the boys

This morning Matt and I (and Edward) got to go to the doctor and see what variety of baby we are having!!

I have had no inclination one way or another and was fine with the possibility of either a girl or a boy. With the other three it was very apparent very soon into the sonogram that they were boys. This little one kept legs crossed nearly the whole time. Guess that was our first clue!

We are having our first GIRL! We are still a little shocked. It seemed a little surreal. Even though I didn't know one way or another, we've just always had little boys and after 3 it seemed like that's what we were destined to have.

She will be the 22nd grandchild on my side. There will now be 11 boys and 11 girls!! How crazy is that?  She will be the 7th grandchild on Matt's side and the first girl!  We are still shocked, but happy and excited for a new experience. It's fun to know and start planning! Now to think of a name...

Her estimated due date is March 20th. I would love for her to come one day late so she can share a birthday with my mom and my brother Eric. 3 generations. Wouldn't that be awesome?

As with any baby, it will be interesting to see what she looks like, what her personality is like, and I am excited to have her be a part of our family.

And since I never get on here anymore, I'll throw in a few more recent pics for the few of you who still read my intermittent posts...
Dean turned 6! He's lost his two bottom front teeth, and he broke his arm this year. It's better now.
In October I took Edward and Walter to a pumpkin patch. He posed himself. =)
Here's another from the pumkin patch. The giant Pumpkin Pie!
Walter really wanted to make a curious george fun hat like in one of his cartoons. I tried, but Matt really helped him
engineer a decent fun hat.
Edward is my most independent child yet! He's constantly pulling chairs up to the counter to do whatever he darn well pleases. Right now he's making a PB and honey graham cracker. Quite tasty!
Edward is my big helper these days. Unfortunately I have really big piles of laundry that I have to fold... never ending laundry.
Just before Halloween I got to take the boys to a balloon festival. Unfortunately we didn't get to see them fly because there was a storm brewing to the north of us. Still cool to see them inflate up close!

For Halloween Dean and Walter were Ninjago Ninjas and Edward was Mario. Grandma Brasfield made the awesome outfits and I made the head items for all three.


MDawg said...

Congratulations, Celia! I assume you found all is well with your baby girl, since you didn't mention otherwise. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. I love the Halloween costumes!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

YES! All else was well with the baby. I think I take that for granted since I've not had health problems with my children. Thanks for commenting! Great to hear from you.

Laura said...

Oh awesome!!! Glad that little girl will be having such awesome older brothers! Love it!