Monday, September 16, 2013

Dear neglected blog

It was a busy, busy summer. Maybe one day I can bring myself to post about it. I'm already knee deep into the new school year. My piano studio is busier than I've ever been. I have 18 half hour slots filled (some of those are students who are taking an hour, so I don't have 18 students).

Dean is in Kindergarten. He lost his first tooth and broke his arm today on the play ground. 3 weeks into school and he already has a break. Sheesh. He seems to be doing pretty well otherwise and is adjusting pretty well to the new routine.

Walter started Pre-K with our beloved Ms. Ellen (Dean's first teacher at Little Saints). So far it's going well. We carpool with another kid in his class who lives in Melissa as well and they've become little friends. Most of the time he is cute and good and loving, but he's having a hard time figuring out how to handle his frustration with people he knows well (ie us). He's bit Edward pretty hard a couple of times for wrecking his stuff or unplugging the computer while he's on, and if he is not happy with a consequence we've given or a request we've made, he'll often pull out the, "I hate you!" and "You're not nice!" or "You're naughty!" It's a rough phase, but we'll make it through I'm sure.

Edward is such a happy guy. He is my big helper (though his help often results in me needing to do a little more work) around the house and gets in sooo much trouble for mischief. He is constantly unplugging our phones, appliances, TV, etc. He loves to pull things out of drawers and loves stickers and markers right now.  He has had some weird tummy bug for the past week and you'd never know by his behavior. Such a good little guy. He has tons of words and a few short sentences. He's getting pretty good at repeating us. One of my favorites is his adaptation of Ninjago. Instead of yelling, "NinjaGO!", he yells, "DaddyGO!" haha. Daddy is still his favorite/most frequent word. He knows lots of the alphabet and my favorite letter is W because he calls it "bubbleyou". Often when he says the boys' names he runs them together like they're one word. "DeananWa-wer". Very cute. He just wants to be one of the big kids.

Matt is working hard. After getting a loan for our van earlier this year and not selling our Rav for what we wanted, we decided to keep the Rav for Matt and just pay off our loan. We know it's a great car and well taken care of, so we're willing to pay our asking price. Now we're just really watching our budget and trying our best to stick to a plan so we don't have to use my piano money for our living expenses at all. Then it can all go into savings first for a new piano, and then just for our savings and peace of mind. Our garden did ok this year but not great. We're still figuring out the right soil composition to do well. We had it tested and everything was WAY high except nitrogen which was essentially nonexistent. Our best produce by far were the cantaloupe. These were our largest and smallest cantaloupes.

When I was at my parents' in Snowflake over the 24th of July, I was dizzy the whole time. At first I thought it was just the elevation change. Then I started noticing other weird things like I was RAVENOUS if I didn't eat every few hours and very irritable if I didn't get food. I told my sisters I thought I must be pregnant. They went out and bought me a test, and sure enough, I am! Baby #4 is due March 20th. I'm kind of hoping to deliver on the 21st since it's my mom and my brother's birthdays. Wouldn't that be cool to have 3 generations? We'll find out next month if it's another boy or the first girl. Only time will tell. =) We'll be happy either way. Here I am at my traditional 12 week photo. I'm technically 12 week, 6 days in this.


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