Saturday, November 23, 2013

23 weeks + a few days baby 4

 Well, here I am. Nearly 24 weeks. I'm running still, about 3-4 miles about 4-5 days a week. I had been running with the double stroller till about a week ago when it turned cold. Now I've been trying to get up and go before the boys wake up. I've been keeping about a 10 min. mile pace with the stroller and about an 8:30 pace by myself. Better than last pregnancy!

I've been feeling pretty good, but I can tell I'm getting older or just a lot busier than I was during my other pregnancies. I am tired all the time. Like exhausted. I am currently teaching about 18 or 19 half hour piano slots. I am excited to have a week off for Thanksgiving!  Super excited! I love teaching, but I am longing for a bit of a rest. My back feels like it could use an adjustment. My knee was hurting a bit last week and I took a week off of running and got some new shoes. So far so good this week. Did I mention I'm feeling old? I'm glad Matt and I both feel like this will be our last pregnancy. I mean, who knows, but it would take some serious revelation from God to convince me otherwise. =)

I've been looking through girl names. Matt doesn't really feel like discussing it much yet. He never does until the end. My top 4 at the moment are: Marian, Vivian, Jane, and Nora  The only one of those that Matt might even consider without me really pushing it is Marian. Not sure which is my favorite right now. Who knows if we'll even use any of those. Maybe he'll surprise me and come up with something else awesome.

Interested in how I compare with my last 3 pregnancies? Here ya go:

Baby #1: Dean

Baby #2: Walter

Baby # 3: Edward

Baby #4: Little Girl


MDawg said...

So cute, as always! And I think it's amazing that you run, pregnant or not!

mad white woman said...

Somehow I missed #4 was a girl. So exciting! I love your names. I tried for Nora with one of my girls and Jason said NO. Men... ;) Looking nice and healthy.

Lesley said...

Congrats on the little girl!