Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day didn't quite go as planned. I had hoped to do some fun crafts and things with the boys, but Dean started getting sick last night (though I thought he was just tired). He kept complaining about his legs being too tired to walk and he woke up in the night saying his stomach hurt. I thought it was because he was hungry since he only took his one obligatory bite of dinner. This morning he woke up happy as can be. He said his stomach felt a lot better, but he didn't drink his morning milk and he didn't want breakfast right away. He said he was going to take care of Edward and got a blanket and laid down next to his chair on the floor. After that it went down hill. He had a fever of 101* and was just plain not feeling well. I let him just veg on the couch watching Curious George and Bob the Builder most of the day. I never even changed them out of their PJs.

He felt better after having some Tylenol and he even managed to get down a whole green (spinach) waffle. We were able to make our "leprechaun candy" aka sour patch grapes aka grapes rolled in lime jello powder and chilled. They were so yummy! The boys had a lot of fun. After that we tried having lunch, but he was only able to eat 1 saltine cracker. I went and got him Gatorade and by the time I got back he was so hot looking. He kept complaining about his eyes being hot. His fever was back so I gave him some ibuprofen. He asked me to carry him to his bed so he could take a nap since his legs were hurting too much to walk. He seemed to feel better when he woke up, but by the time bed rolled around I could tell he was feeling poorly again poor boy.

Edward was a good boy. He basically slept, ate, and hung out pretty well all day. I think he's pretty close to smiling. He's such a little cutie pie.During one of his naps I got a 6.17 mi. run in today. That was pretty awesome. I even kept the pace under 9 min. miles. The last time I ran that particular route was the day I found out I was pregnant with Edward. On an aside, Walter has been calling Edward "Edward Von Drake" a lot lately as in Professor Von Drake (Donald Duck's uncle) from Mickey Mouse. It makes Dean mad every time he says it. "HIS NAME IS NOT EDWARD VAN DRAKE! IT'S EDWARD STEED!!!"

I didn't do anything amazing for dinner. Pork chops and zucchini/carrot patties (my zucchini was kind of small so I added a grated carrot to make up for it even though the recipe didn't call for it.) and a green salad. The veggie patties were really yummy, but the boys each just at their obligatory bites of each thing. Of course. I did make some bread since we were out, and before bed I let Walt have a slice of warm fresh bread. Oh it is so yummy. I make some fabulous soft, pillowy whole wheat bread if I do say so myself. I honestly can't stand to have store bought bread anymore unless I really, really don't have the time/energy to make some.


Amy said...

Will you share your bread recipe? Those loaves look beautiful! I like my current recipe, but I don't love it.

Erin S. said...

I still need to work out the recipe. Tried it and it just wasn't the same!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Erin, I'll post my exact recipe. I think the one I linked to you is slightly different even though it's a King Aurthor recipe like mine.

Erin S. said...

Oh, that'd be awesome! I've got the gluten and dough conditioner and can now make my own wheat flour, so I should be good to go!