Thursday, March 15, 2012

The big brothers - fears, tears, and fun

I FINALLY got to the hospital to do Edward's PKU blood work yesterday (I was supposed to do it by 2/21). It took 1.5 hours of waiting to get into the lab! I was so glad one of my friends was watching the other 2 boys. This morning I took Dean and Walt in to LabCorp to do long overdue blood work as well. I have been dreading it. Walt went first while Dean watched him scream and cry. Dean's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched them stick the needle into Walt. I kept trying to get him to look at me instead and sing ABC's to try and help distract Walt, but his eyes kept going back to the needle. When it was Dean's turn, he kicked and screamed, and cried, but luckily his went quickly. As it was nearly finished he stopped crying and said, "That's not so bad." He even said, "I liked it." and "I was a brave boy!" as we were leaving. The nurses and the people in the waiting room were cracking up at his commentary afterward. I promised them a special treat if they were good, and so afterward we got ice cream (it HAD to be chocolate according to Dean) and cones. I tried taking them to Dairy Queen since they've never been, but because he insisted on chocolate ice cream I tried going to Baskin Robins, but they weren't open yet. I ended up just getting some from Tom Thumb since I didn't want to drive around any more!  They were happy about it and it resulted in a nice, sticky mess. I was glad it was a nice day outside so they could eat it out there instead of in my house!


One day Dean wanted to paint on canvas like the paintings I did, but since I didn't have canvas I covered some cardboard with freezer paper to make them a "canvas". Walt went to town with the color mixing and then decided he needed to paint himself. Right after I took these pictures, he painted all over his legs. This kid loves to paint and draw on everything he is not supposed to! He drew all over my desk in pen this morning and he has on more than one or two or three occasions drawn on our kitchen tile with crayons and markers. Thank heavens for the magic erasers! I actually still have green pen on my computer monitor from him.

Dean's preschool had a "hoedown" last week. They put on a little program where they said the United States and TX pledges -yes, there really is a TX pledge. So weird.- (Dean got to hold the flag), they sang some cowboys songs and some Texas songs, and then they had a little lunch of cornbread and chili that they helped make.  I dressed Walt in an "alien" shirt (ok, it's really a monster shirt) so they could be my version of cowboys and aliens. =) We borrowed a hat and boots from friends and he wore a 2 T plaid shirt. haha. I had to roll up the sleeves since they were too small for him. It worked.

Dean has recently turned into a little worrier. It mainly started when he turned 4. I remember reading him a Halloween book or a book about monsters and it totally freaked him out.  He started worrying about shadows in his room and for a long time he required we put a crib mattress on the rocker chair in his room to block something scary from his view when he went to bed.  When my parents brought the boys to Denton to see me in the hospital, it really freaked Dean out. He was so worried about going so far from home, and when they couldn't find the L&D immediately he just kept telling them that they just needed to go home.   The last two nights he's come out after we left his room to tell me I needed to stay in there because he was scared. Last night I had a special prayer with him that he would be safe, told him to think about the fun things we did that day and the fun things we were going to do the next day, and that he'd be fine. Tonight after I said a "special prayer" with him for peace, safety and comfort, he still wanted me to come back in and say another special prayer.  I told him that Heavenly Father hears us and we just have to have faith that he'll answer our prayers and that we can always have a prayer in our hearts.

Way back in January, Walter was playing with play dough and covered his new sun glasses, put them on, and started walking around saying, "I can't see anything! I can't see!" It was pretty hilarious. He knew he was being a little joker. 

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