Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smiles at 6 weeks

I'm pretty sure that Edward is my earliest smiler. On Sunday we saw a few glimmers of smiles and on Monday and today we saw some real smiles. So fantastic. And as a follow up on my Tupler thing...2 weeks in and my stomach is measuring 3 in. smaller (could be due to just time passing) and my diastasis has gone from a 6 finger gap to a 4. The splint gets a little annoying at times, bunching up and with the weather warming up it is toasty.  But it seems to be helping, so I'll continue. I have been getting better at my running. Since I can't really do much distance during the week due to time constraints, I've been working on speed.  I have been keeping my time between 8-8:15 min/mi. repeating for up to 3.5 miles.  My longest run yet was a 6 miler and I kept my speed around 9 min. for that. I have been really pleased with my progress. I'm now running faster than I was before I got pregnant. Not bad for 6 weeks postpartum. I really love this vaginal birth recovery. With my c-sections I don't think I started running again for about 5 months! Though, truth be told, I wasn't as dedicated to running then as I am now. I found with Walter that it really helped restore my sanity so I started back as soon as I could this time around. It seems to help! Gives me a little "me" time.

Stripy twins!

My attempt to get their size comparisons. Kind of a fail. =)

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Maren said...

those dimples kill me! What a cutie! They all are!