Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine

The weather was beautiful today. 70's I think. Oh how nice it was to wear short sleeves and go outside. I was far too busy today to run this morning, so I sure hope this beautiful weather sticks around tomorrow so I can get out and "get some exercise in my body" (a Dean quote).

Dean and Walt made some cards for Matt with my help. We went to a preschool Valentine's day party this morning. I provided the activities and my friend Diane provided the house and goodies. It was fun, though Dean was incredibly whiny by the end. He did have a major fall yesterday (fell from our picnic table while trying to do a trick basketball shot and hit his head hard on the concrete. I was only a few feet away, but I was too slow to stop it all from happening.), so I guess I should be happy he felt good enough to go at all, poor kid.

The boys were very interested in the flowers that Matt brought home for me. This is the one time a year we have fresh flowers on our table. =) Dean kept saying things like, "Mom! Mom! Those flowers are soooo beautiful. It was so nice of dad to bring you some flowers." I pulled Walt off the table multiple times because he wanted to pick the flowers.

We had homemade falafal and pitas (one of my favs). While it felt like I was messing everything up as I was going along, the pitas were soft and chewy and the falafal were nice and tasty. I also made a cheesecake today.  I was very, very tired by the end of all of this. I should probably be heading to bed soon here.

short sleeves!

My super husband.

Enjoying the Valentine goodies from Grandma and Grandpa Waterman

Enjoying his AND Dean's treats (he stole Dean's first treat)


Capped the night with cheesecake with caramel and chocolate topping.

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Melissa said...

The cheesecake looks amazing! You are so talented!