Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

This was our first Christmas in our own home with only our family. Up until this year we've alternated going to my or Matt's parents' houses. It has been fun, but with 2 kids and long distances to travel, it just wasn't practical this year. That meant we had to come up with our own family traditions. Do we have our big meal on Christmas Eve (like my fam) or Christmas day (like Matt's)? Do we open a present on Christmas Eve? How does Santa work (unwrapped and out like mine? or wrapped like Matt's)? There were more questions we had to ask, but you get the point I'm sure.

We made pizza on Christmas Eve, had a Nativity "pageant" with "costumes" (the boys and I made crowns for the wisemen and I pulled a bathrobe, a sheep puppet, and a hooded towel), and we let the boys open their new pj's. Opening the pj's was very anti-climactic for Dean, poor guy, much like the rest of his Christmas. He was like...what's this? And can you really call it a present?

I don't think we'll keep the pizza as a tradition, though it was fun. I think I'd prefer having some Israeli/Mediterranean food. I love symbolic food. I just need to plan better.

Matt put some righteous fear into Dean when he told him that Santa would get scared and leave with all the Christmas presents if Dean came out when he was leaving presents. Our house is so small it would be practially impossible to have him come out and not see all of Christmas. He usually goes to the bathroom once in the middle of the night. He walks through the living room to our room to have me help, so we put up a gate outside his door and I slept in the computer room so I could help without him seeing Christmas prematurely.  Not necessary since he didn't even want to come out in the morning because he was afraid Santa would take back the presents!

Making the crowns. Note to self: never use puffy paint with an 18 mo. old again! So stressful.

Thought it was hilarious to pull his crown down for pics.

Dean wanted to be Mary.

Mary, Joseph and an unhappy baby Jesus.

A shepherd

Hooray! Let's go see the baby! (love this pic!)

Dean wanted a turn at being baby Jesus, and Walt was happy to let him have it!

Me as the manger?

Here come the Kings...

Giving baby Jesus gold

Three Kings

Love this smile.

Hmmm...what is it? No really, what is is?
The best pic we could get of the new pj's


Him, Her & The Wee One said...

I love traditions and starting new traditions. But I'm horrible at continuing traditions...

Stephanie Johnson said...

Celia, I've used the tutorial of the hooded bath towel that you linked too but now it's a private blog. Shucks! Do you know how I can contact the person to see that post? Thanks, Stephanie Chapple Johnson

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

It's Veronica Prince and I have her email.