Monday, December 27, 2010

The beginning of the sugar rush: Graham Cracker houses

Growing up we always made our houses the Monday before Christmas. We'd have a huge load of candy, and we usually watch The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It was one of my favorite Christmas traditions, though I do remember agonizing over the fact that my houses were never "original" since I wasn't a creative decorator.

The Sunday before Christmas we made our candy houses. The boys were only interested in eating the candy. It took a lot of coaxing to get Dean to decorate, but he caught on after awhile. Walter ended up with 3 pieces of black licorice candy on his house since he pulled off and ate anything Matt put on! He is a sugar fiend. It worries me a little...I don't give the boys much sugar usually, but if feels like we've been gorging this week with all the goodies and Christmas candy, and I can tell the difference! The boys have been worse behaved (Walter threw his biggest fit EVER the day after candy houses when I wouldn't let him eat candy for breakfast. Seriously was a screaming fit that lasted almost an hour and a half and nearly resulted in throwing up a number of times.), have slept worse, and Dean has told me nearly every day since I started letting them have candy that his tummy hurts. I will be so happy when I can cut the sugar intake back again without feeling like a crazy-health-freak-grinch.

Matt built the boys' houses and I built mine. Dean wanted a garage and a tall house. I had to redo mine a couple times. I am not one for details! I let the boys eat their houses the day after and I kept mine up until Christmas even though Walter begged to eat the "how" every day in between! I let them rip it apart on Christmas.

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Lois said...

Every year DURING the building of the houses I would swear I would never do it again. Then the finished products were so cute that I'd give in again. I did ditch a lot of the candy afterward when no one was looking. It looks like a fun project.