Thursday, December 09, 2010

Angry Tummies

Two nights ago Dean woke up just as I was going to bed and was COVERED in throw up. I got him all cleaned up, put him back in bed, and not 5 min. later as I was spraying his sheets out, I heard him throw up again. I'd given him a bowl and when I made it in there, he said, "Dean threw up in the bowl. That was a good idea." haha. I did have to change those sheets also and his clothes. I left again, and he was practically asleep by the time I got to the door, but he threw up again within 5 min. That time he started crying and said, "It was an accinent. Is it okay that Dean have an accinent?" Poor guy. After that time I decided to move him out to the living room. I put towels down next to him and a bowl. I slept on the couch so I could help him.  No lie, he threw up about every 15-30 min. from 11:30 until about 5. Around 1:30 am Dean said, "Mom, did you know if you write a 6 upside down it looks like a 9 and if you draw a 9 upside down it looks like a 6?" haha.
He slept from 5-6 and then threw up. He kept asking to sleep in his room, but there was no way that was happening. At 6 he insisted it was time to get up and I showed him it was still dark outside (thank you winter!) and he slept from 6-7:15 and threw up again. Luckily Wed. was a little better and he only threw up once more. After he threw up at 7 he said, "Mom! Dean's tummy isn't angry anymore!" I thought that was a cute way to describe it. He didn't eat anything all day, but he was able to keep down gatorade.

Last night he slept well, but I slept HORRIBLY. I woke up all achy and nauseous with a sore throat on top of it all. I rarely get sick, so it kind of took me by surprise. My goal was to just survive the day until I was supposed to pick Matt up from the airport. All of us were down for naps by noon. But at 1:40 I heard Walt. I thought he might fall back asleep, so I left him there a little. I felt horrible when I went in about 15 min. later and he and his crib were COVERED in throw up. Poor guy. So I stripped him down and gave him a bath. It's hard taking care of sick kids when you're sick because the smell. Oh the smell. It's bad enough when you're not sick!!

So, Walter threw up about 4-5 more times within the hour and then I started thinking, "How in the world am I going to make a 2 hour round trip drive to the airport with this bunch? I don't even know if I can keep my own food down!"  So I called my home teacher's wife (who happens to be a good friend) and I started bawling of course. I asked if Nick (who is a police officer and works at night) would be able to pick Matt up. It was a bit tricky since Matt didn't have a cell, but in the end it worked out. Poor guy. He didn't expect having to come home to a death trap! He just finished disinfecting the kitchen at 11:20. It was a good thing I didn't attempt it, though. Walt threw up around 7-8 times between when I would have left and gotten home.

Walt just woke up at 10:45 dry heaving. He kept asking for milk and when I told him he couldn't have milk he was very, very angry. I told him daddy would get him juice (pedialite) and he starts nodding his head yes saying, "Na! Na!" (His version of Yeah)  Dad only brought a little and he was ery angry about that. We let him have a second round knowing he'd most likely throw it up. He had a few more burps and close calls, but ended up falling asleep on me without puking. I will probably sleep in the computer room tonight so I can help him if he needs. I'm not looking forward to tonight's sleep, I can tell you that!


Brian & Veronica said...

oh celia, I'm SO sorry. What a nasty bug. I hope you feel better soon.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Thanks V. I thought we were mostly better, then they both threw up again this morning! Ah well. It can't last forever...