Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walter's first birthday

Happy Birthday to my little Walter!

We had a fun double birthday party for Walter and Charlie (his cousin who is 2 days older) while we were in Snowflake. We had originally planned on making cakes, but by Saturday we were pretty burned out, so we picked some up from Bashas' bakery. When we mentioned it was for 2 babies turning 1, the woman from the bakery got all excited and gave us 2 free cupcakes with cute dogs piped on top. It was perfect so they could dig into their cupcakes without ruining the cakes we bought for everyone else. They also had a cousin turning 9 tomorrow so we were celebrating 3 birthdays.

Here's another video where you can see the other birthday boy, Charlie. His sister Molly is holding him.

Tonight we had a "party" for Walter here. He got to open his one present from us (a water table/sink thing), a card from his great grandma Bras(s), and a card and shirt from his Bras(s) grandparents. I also made a chocolate zucchini cake for him. Dean was SO excited for both the present and the cake. Dean spontaneously started singing happy birthday and cheered Walter on as he was opening his present. He wanted to feed Walt the cake. It was all very cute and fantastically messy. Our camera battery died during the party, so we didn't document everything, but I"ll post the pics and videos we did get once the battery is charged again.


Th. said...


Happy day, Walter!

The Drapers said...

Where has the last year gone? They all seriously grow up to fast...

Lindsay said...

I agree with the above -- where has this last year gone? It's hard to believe our babies are a year (or just about, in our case)! Happy birthday to your Walter! Looks like a fun celebration. :)