Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cold Turkey

Well, Walt has pretty much weaned himself cold turkey. Last night when I tried to feed him it was immediate chomping. I let him try both sides, but all he wanted to do was teeth. Same story this morning when he woke up, at church, at nap, and again this evening. I refuse to be a teething toy, and he obviously is not interested in nursing. Luckily he's 2 weeks from 1 year so I'm just going straight to cow's milk. He's been stealing Dean's sippies and sucking down his left overs for weeks now. I hope it will make it a little easier for our trip to AZ that's coming up soon here.

I didn't do this with Dean. I did a VERY gradual weaning with him, and it was after I was pregnant with Walt. I think I was 8 weeks pregnant with Walt when I finally weaned Dean from his night and morning feedings. So, I had no pain when I stopped nursing him. Not so with Walter.

Ouch. Cold Turkey is definitely more painful. I think tomorrow I may bust (pun intended) out the cabbage and give it a try depending on how I feel.

(The black mark on Walter's head is soot from playing in our fireplace. He LOVES it in there.)


Amanda said...

I have had babies who did it both ways. Cold turkey is so painful. Good luck.

Laura said...

I've been able to slowly wean my kids so far but I wonder... If you have a pump, could you pump as if you were weaning him? That seems like it would help the pain.