Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sickies: the long version for journaling

Well, last Friday morning Walter was pretty cranky. He didn't nap well in the morning (only like 20 min.), so I decided to throw him in a dry bathtub with toys while I took a shower so we could go run errands instead. He cried the whole time I was in the shower, and when I got out and picked him up to comfort him, I noticed his tears out of his left eye were bloody!!! That's what I said, HE WAS CRYING BLOOD! It was pooling in the corner of his eye and then streaking down his face. I immediately called Matt and told him what was happening and that I was going to call the Dr.

I called the doctor (crying while I was trying to explain what was happening), and they said to get there as quickly as possible and they'd fit me in with a doctor in the office (not my norm.) when I got there. Since I'd just gotten out of the shower, I still had to get myself dressed as well as put shorts on both Dean and Walt. When Walt stopped crying, the blood stopped, thankfully. I hadn't even finished signing my co-pay when the nurse called our name. She determined that he had an ear and eye infection. She said she'd only seen the blood thing less than 5 times. She said there was just a lot of pressure built up from his infections and add the pressure from crying and that caused the bleeding.

She gave us some eye drops and a prescription for antibiotics. They seem to have helped, though I can tell his ear was totally bothering him still yesterday. Today seems to be a bit better.

So that was Friday.

Then came Saturday. Matt slept in, and after I put Walt down for his first nap, I was determined to go for a jog ALL BY MYSELF, sans stroller. Dean begged and pleaded to come, but I left him crying, with Matt and Walt sleeping in the other room, and Clifford on a DVD. I actually went out the back door because I was afraid he'd try and follow me out the front since he can get the locks open. My jog was fantastic. I pushed myself really hard, harder than I have in a very long time. I felt great.

When I got back I still almost expected to see him in our front yard, overcoming our fence gate, but he wasn't there. But I couldn't find him when I came in either. The TV was off, Matt was still asleep, Dean wasn't in the computer room nor his bed room. I started calling his name and went to see if he was in with Matt. Nope.

Then I saw him. Asleep. In the stroller.

He slept another 20 min. or so after I got home and when he woke up he told me "Dean sad. I TRIED to find you." It was sad.

To find him asleep in the stroller at 10AM was odd. And then he was really grouchy the rest of the day. Matt and I were supposed to go on our (7 year) anniversary date that night, so I didn't really even try to put him down for his nap at his normal time since he had that one. So I told him to rest on the couch with Robin Hood on. I snuggled with him through one showing. He was still really tired and grouchy. He sent himself to his room "to rest" a couple of times, but he hates being in there by himself.

Around 2 he fell asleep on the couch. And slept and slept. At 4 I started working in the kitchen, with loud music, hoping to wake him. He still slept. Finally, I woke him up by calling his name. He still just laid there. So unlike him. He then ended up moving to the floor and laid there. I went in to check on him. He sat up and almost immediately: PUKE. Into my hands, luckily, and not all over the carpet. He ended up throwing up 2 more times and I let him just lay there on the ground with a bowl next to him with Robin Hood on. He had a fever of102.

He fell asleep fairly easily that night and Matt and I got Thai take out and got a redbox movie instead of Indian food out and ice skating.

He was up again by 7 the next morning, and he seemed quite a bit better. We didn't got to church (though Dean insisted on having FHE, pictured below). He didn't eat much, but he drank quite a bit, and he didn't have a fever. I thought he was getting better, but by nightfall he seemed worse. He started losing his voice and gained a cough. Since he rested most of the day, he didn't fall asleep until nearly 10!! (He was in his room by 7 and only came out once because he pooped. That also is unlike him.) He just turned on his light and "read" books the whole time. We were starting to think he had swine flu, but we weren't sure.

Monday he ate a bit, still was hoarse, but he was chipper. I thought, maybe it was just some viral infection. He seemed to improve, he took a nap, and yet come evening he seemed worse for the ware.

Today he didn't eat much. For breakfast he ate 1/2 an isagenix bar, for lunch he ate a few corn chips and a snap pea, and for dinner he drank a V8! He did have 2 sippies of milk and about 1/2 a gatorade. We ran a lot of errands since he seemed to be getting better and we were all going stir crazy. He didn't take a nap and the afternoon just went to pot. He was melt down after melt down, poor boy. He was asleep by 7 (though I hear him coughing in his room as I type).

I hope tonight he does well and tomorrow he starts getting better! I'm going to really try and force fluids down him, and I'll let him eat anything that sounds remotely appealing to him (minus sugar treats). I really hope it's not swine flu, and I hope that Walt (nor Matt nor I) catch what he has.


Erin said...

Celia, I'm so sorry. Having sick kids is so hard. I hope everything is getting better. I wanted to let you know that after discussing it with Robert, I don't think I can go ahead with your diet suggestion. I wish we were in a place where I could, but being married to student still... I want to sincerely thank you for your suggestions. I've used a lot of them and it's helped a ton.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Hey Erin! I'm glad some of my suggestions helped. I totally understand the student thing. When we were still at school the only time I had Isagenix was when I got it from my mom for Christmas and birthday presents! =)