Sunday, May 09, 2010


A few weeks ago my mom contracted MRSA (a life threatening staph infection) and has been the sickest I've ever known her to be. Last week while on her sickbed, she had a very real, very clear dream of leaving her body and meeting her ancestors in the afterlife. Luckily for me she woke up! While I know she is mortal, I can't imagine losing her now. She is a fighter and is getting better.

Even in her sickness, she continues to dedicate her life and her energy to helping others improve their quality of life through nutrition and optimism. Not only has she helped those she knows, but she's helped friends of mine she has never met!

Dear Mother,

I have always felt loved and accepted by you.

No matter how busy you are (and you're ALWAYS busy, even on vacation), I know you have time for me.

You are always busy and you can't fathom boredom. That is just plain awesome.

Thank you for reading to us and teaching us to love learning and to work hard.

You value family time and togetherness. I can't remember missing FHE ever.

You value creativity and fostered our talents.
In a time when your contemporaries put shag carpet in their kitchens, you opted not to so your kids could drive their little racing cars, play with play dough, and watercolor.
You also allowed me to set up a stinky darkroom in your coat closet and paint hand prints all over my bedroom walls. You often spent more money on music lessons than on food.

Thank you for valuing our opinions.

I learned to work hard with you by my side.

You taught me the basics I use today: cooking, cleaning, sewing, creating, mothering, piano, and much more. I may have honed some of these in later years, but you taught me enough to feel confident that I could learn!

You are the most selfless person I know. I remember feeding hungry vagrants sandwiches in our front yard. They came to us because they knew you would help them, and you did.

You see people as children of God. Every person has an interesting story and you are able to see and appreciate that.

You are the most supportive mother I know. You attended every sport, music, theater, dance, speech & debate, etc. performance for all 7 children if at all possible. That is some amazing scheduling! But we all felt so important.

You have an amazing testimony of Jesus Christ, the scriptures, and the gospel. Thank you for being so stalwart in your testimony and for living what you preached.

We knew then and we know now that we are your most important work.

Thank you mom. I love you.


Lois said...

Thank you my sweet daughter for all of those nice comments. You and your brothers and sisters are the joy of my life! Mom

Amy said...

Your mom is pretty great! I didn't know she was sick...I hope she gets well soon!

Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiments. My mother was in a serious car accident last summer and I nearly cracked. I love both my parents and I'm just not ready for that kind of life change.