Sunday, April 05, 2009

Things I want to remember but know I won't

As I was talking to my parents on the phone tonight, I realized that Dean is at a really funny stage right now. I was cracking up telling them some of the things he does. I probably won't remember the funny things he does now a few months/years down the road (I really do have a horrible memory for day to day happenings...much of my childhood is a blank), so I figured I better write them down. Sometimes it's just so fun to be a mom.

The kick walk
Just yesterday Dean started doing this kick walk. Take a step with one foot then kick out straight with the other. Repeat. Totally makes me crack up.

Trying to get higher
Today during conference Dean was playing this "sit down-stand up" game. He'd sit down on his shape sorter and I'd say "down", then he'd stand up and I'd say "up." Well, after awhile he decided standing up was not quite "up" enough, so tried going up on his tiptoes and jumping with his body (though his feet didn't leave the ground except the few times he lost his balance). He was trying sooo hard to get himself higher.

Running in place
Occasionally Dean will bust out running in place. When I see him do this, I copy him. He LOVES when I copy him. He'll stop and start, stop and start (giggling all the while) just to see if I'll keep copying him.

Honking my nose
I often make a honking noise when Dean touches my nose. Sometimes he'll come up to me and push my nose to hear the honk. If I don't honk, he'll push it again and make a honking noise himself.

Ever spinning
Daddy's office chair and our glider spin in circles quite nicely with a certain little boy in the seat. He is practically insatiable when it comes to spinning. If Matt ever leaves his chair, Dean immediately jumps on his opportunity and climbs in for a spin. Matt was spinning him so fast and so much today he couldn't walk straight afterward. He continually asks for "more" and "'gin" (again). We usually end up stopping when we think it is no longer safe to continue! He also loves to just spin himself in circles when he's standing.

Come and get me!
He loves to play chase, but it is apparently only fun if I'm on my hands and knees crawling around after him. He will initiate the game by hunching over and making walking motions with his hands. If he sees me take position, he runs away squealing. He'll go and hide and then squeal, laugh, and run again when I find him.

The last time I was at Costco I broke down and got some fruit snacks. I normally don't get them, and I probably won't much in the future, but boy do we both like them! (We usually only share 1-2 of the really small packages a day.) We were in the car and he saw an empty wrapper and starter saying "'nack! 'nack!" and getting really excited.

Feed mommy
He is very good at sharing food and snacks. Sometimes he likes getting crackers from me, just so he can feed me! It's really funny when he breaks something into smaller pieces before he gives it to me.

He is obsessed with taking things apart. Screwing and unscrewing caps on cups (luckily he hasn't done this when it's full of milk! He did dump a spray bottle of water out on the carpet today). Taking out any sort of screw he can get loose on chairs. Unscrewing the knobs on dressers. He's quite adept at taking off caps on lotions, toothpastes, creams, and all sorts of things he shouldn't get into and is very unhappy when I take them away.

This past week or two he has been VERY excited to see dad when he gets home from work. When Matt walks in, Dean shrieks and runs for him yelling, "daddy! daddy! daddy!" It is fun to see him start to buddy up with dad.

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