Sunday, April 05, 2009

The grand total of my notes

Well, my conference participation went as well as I could possibly expect. I heard more than I thought I would, but between entertaining, cooking, feeding, etc. I wasn't exactly in a position to take notes. I loved all that I did hear, though. Always good. The very first talk on Sat. morning (Elder Hales) probably touched me the most, maybe because it was one I actually got to watch (rather than listen from the other room) and take a few notes on. Some themes I picked up on and decided I needed to work on were going to the Temple more often and being better about missionary work.


Overcoming addiction and debt.

  • Learn to say “we can’t afford it” or “we can afford it, but we don’t need it, and we truly don’t even want it.” (I used to be super good about this, but I have to admit that I have become a little more spendy and a little more covetous of larger houses than ours. It's easy to just want more once you've had a little taste of luxury. Also, I think this is very applicable to any addiction. Take food for example. I used to NEVER buy or eat candy or junk food. I now buy some junk food for Matt and some candy for piano lessons and I, as a result, eat a little junk every day. Just this past week I put myself on candy block and snack chip block until Easter. In the evenings after dinner I actually have to stop and think "I don't need candy. I will have an apple instead." And it helps. It helps to have a goal and a time line and something good to replace the junk.)
  • Is the purpose of your gifts to show your love or to prove something to the world?
  • Establish family budget and have family council meetings. Set financial goals.
  • Is the benefit temporary or will it have eternal consequences?
  • Addiction is a craving of a natural man and can never be satiated.
  • Only through the atonement can we experience a change of heart and behavior. (All addictions are gluttonous--greedy and insatiable. Gluttony is a sin. We can overcome our sins/addictions only with the help of Jesus Christ and the power of his Atonement.)

Lady (???)

  • We need to respect each other and reverence God. They are connected.
  • Are we an example of this always? When we drive? When we discuss sports, politics, etc.? With our kids? With our spouse?
  • We must teach reverence.
  • Reverence and the teaching of reverence is rooted in love.

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Sam & Jessica said...

The talk on reverence was by Margaret Liffereth (Primary Presidency)and I'm not positive about that spelling.

Thanks for sharing some of your notes. It was one of the better chances I had to watch conference since Megan followed and copied whatever Carolyn was doing. My favorite was Elder Holland's talk and how strong his personal relationship with Christ was brought out. Conference weekend is such a wonderful breath of fresh air I think.