Saturday, April 11, 2009

A note to the Easter Bunny

Dear E. Bunny,

Well, this was the first year you stopped by our house, and I have mixed feelings about the results. First off, thanks for stopping by on Saturday so you weren't detracting our attention from Christ on His day.

Dean loved exploring all the candy and the toys you left. He was a little hesitant at first, but got into it once he figured out he could eat all the candy. It was the first time I allowed him to eat as much sugar as his little heart desired. His favorite by far were the jelly beans. I think he ate all but 5. He wasn't very fond of the malted eggs (though he did eat a few before he started spitting them out) and he wouldn't even touch the peeps. Really, all that are left are the larger candies that require help unwrapping.

Oh, and the Beethoven CD was a good choice while the Dance Baby Dance CD was not. I was a little disappointed that the latter was a techno-instumental version of kids' songs. That wouldn't have been so bad if the songs weren't repeated 5 times before moving onto the next song. Funny enough, Dean did not dance to the "dance" music, but rocked out to Beethoven.

Because Dean gorged on candy, he really didn't eat any dinner at all (and he hadn't had a whole lot of breakfast or lunch unfortunately). He was quite well behaved until bed, but for the first time in ages he cried for almost an hour after I put him down. By 45 min. I was feeling like a bad mother, sure that he had a horrible stomach ache and was starving, so I brought my little prisoner some bread and a little more milk. He took one bite of bread, but seemed to want comfort more than anything. I was still feeling pretty badly since he was probably wired from all the sugar in his system, so, I rocked him for a little bit and sang him a few songs. I had daddy bring in the CD player with the Beethoven CD and that seemed to help keep him calm after I left.

So, I guess thanks for the fun and we'll see you next year! Next time maybe I'll limit the initial candy intake though...


P.S. Please leave the candy and eggs outside next time. Drool and colored candy don't mix well (or rather, mix too well) with a cream colored carpet.

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