Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Testament in Ninety

In January I joined a challenge group to read the Book of Mormon in 60 days. 30 days in I was so inspired by it that I challenged the women in my ward to do the same thing. So I kept going and read another 60 days on the schedule. I ended up reading it through 1.5 times in 90 days and it was awesome. I decided my next scripture reading goal would be to read the New Testament in ninety days. A few ladies from that first challenge are joining me as well. It has been great so far. Honestly, I have actually been doing a combination of reading and listening, and I have really liked it.

I'd love to give credit to the artist,
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Tonight as I was listening I thought of something I've never considered before. When Peter started to falter after getting out of the boat and walking on water, Christ told him it was because he was of little faith. Now, Peter was the chief Apostle. In my mind he had a heck of a lot of faith if he was willing to get out and even TRY to walk on the water. But here is what I'd never considered: Peter had total faith in Christ's power to save. He called out for Christ to save him. Where his faith wavered was his faith in himself. Or I guess in His ability to be made powerful through Christ. It happens again when the leper was not healed by the apostles and then Christ heals him. Their problem was that they didn't believe that they could be endowed with the same power that Christ possessed. They were learning what sort of faith was to be required of them when Christ was no longer physically with them to perform the miracles. Do you believe that the Lord can work miracles through you? Through the priesthood? 

I definitely have a testimony that Priesthood power is real and that when exercised and called upon by righteous men and women of faith, that miracles can happen. On our end we must "be clean" so that we may indeed "bear the vessel of the Lord".  We must "Cleanse [ourselves] from what is dishonorable, [that we] will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work." 2 Tim 2:21.  our vessel, our bodies, are temples that house the Spirit of the Lord. When we are clean, the Spirit can remain with us, guide us, and empower us that we may do more with His help and aid than we could possibly do on our own. 

The other thing I noticed tonight was how a few times it specifically said that Christ didn't do many mighty miracles because of the lack of faith in certain places. They doubted Him and because of that doubt they were not blessed with the same miracles that others witnessed and received.

"Faith in God is more than a theoretical belief in Him.  To have faith in God is to trust Him, to have confidence in Him, and to be willing to act on your belief in Him.  It is a principle of action and power."

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