Wednesday, April 08, 2015

All things new

I've recently been going through old blog posts trying to put together a baby book for Edward, but sadly I find my posts all but stopped when we made our move from our first Texas house to our second when he was only 6 months old. Three kids, a move, tons of piano students, etc. did me in. I am sad for this. Another move and another kid later and it hasn't much improved.

But here it is, my birthday, and it was a great day. I met my sisters Julie and Amanda at a near by park with all of our kids (even the teenagers came since they needed to go clothes shopping afterward!). We had lunch, let the kids play, and it was beautiful weather. I was worried because just an hour earlier it had been pretty cold and really overcast, but the sun peeked out and it was great.  I started potty training Edward (3) on Sunday, and I was quite worried about him having an accident at the park. But he went 3 times without telling me, for me to discover him walking out of the bathroom (our picnic bench was right by the bathroom) half naked telling me he had gone potty. "Mom! I pooped and I flushed!" Now that was momentous because he'd never even done that at home yet! Great birthday present.

After the park we all caravan-ed over to our new house. That was fun, though I was little worried taking such a big group in during the day. Luckily no one was doing major work at that time. I nearly had a heart attack when my 7 year old, blind nephew tried sliding down the brand new banister with concrete below. And Dean tried to follow. No, no, no, no. The house is looking great. We are set to close May 15, though I bet they could have it done sooner. We just didn't want to have our rent and our house payment overlapping. I am amazed how fast it is moving.

When we got home I let the kids watch some TV while I cleaned up a little, and my friend across the street came over to say happy birthday and she gave me some European chocolate. Yum. =) Our boys had a little play date in the street while we visited. Another neighbor whom I had not yet met came out for a few minutes. I found out that her son is serving a mission in the same exact mission as my parents!! What a freakishly small world I tell you.

Matt got off work a little early to make some Indian food for us. He made chicken Tikka Masala and he also picked up some Mali Kofta and Naan since that's one of my favorites.  He also made the traditional chocolate cake he has made the last 12 years for my birthday. Dean made me a paper airplane and a card, Matt got me some sour candies, I bought myself some new clothes, and my sister Julie bought me a new Temple dress since she knew I'd burned a hole in my other one. oops.

All in all it was fabulous. Life is good. 34 is looking to be a good year for us. Lots in store.

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