Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Sorry I've been missing in action folks. It's been a crazy busy month!

This month we packed up the majority of our house, re-carpeted the bedrooms, finally finished up our projects we've been working on the last 1.5 years, found an agent, listed our house last Saturday, and signed contracts on Monday to sell our house!!!!!! Yep. 7 showings on Saturday (the first day on the market...we went to Home Depot in the morning, the Library in the afternoon, and Walmart in the evening), 1 showing on Sunday (we scoped out our firework spot), and by Monday morning we had 2 offers on the house! One was for 4K less than our asking price AND they wanted us to pay 5K in closing costs. No thanks. The other, however, was for our asking price without any catches. Sweet! The other people brought their offer up to asking price, but still wanted us to pay 5K in closing costs, so we obviously went with the other guy.  I'm SO GLAD we forced the agent to list it for 3K higher than he wanted. He was shocked it went that fast for what we wanted. We worked our little patooties off, though, so it was nice to be validated like that. I'm glad we'll be leaving it better than we found it.

So now we begin our house hunt! I've been looking at houses online for awhile, but as houses are getting snatched up, things change quickly. On Thursday we'll go out with our realtor to look at houses. We have until the end of August to find something since the guy who is buying has a lease until Sept.

Our realtor had a professional photographer and the house photographed beautifully.  A huge thanks goes to my friend Becca who helped me with the bushes that were out of control and my friend Diane who helped me stage the house. I was also very grateful to Aleshia and Becca who helped with some of the detail cleaning.

We've come along way from when we first moved in:

Our living room

Or even what it looked like after we upgraded the couches:

I mean, look at our fence and front when we first got here.


mad white woman said...

Wow - it looks really, really nice! It's too bad that listing a house forces you to do all those things you have been waiting to do. :) That's awesome that you were able to sell it for what you wanted so quickly. Are you just wanting something bigger? It will be fun to see what you find. Good luck with the hunt.

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Laura said...

Looks beautiful! Can't wait to see what you find for you new place!