Monday, July 23, 2012

In the works -- Our soon to be new house.

So, we found a house. I unfortunately don't have any pictures to link to you. BUT, I can tell you this much: we're moving to a cute cape cod style home, slightly north of McKinney to a smaller town, our house will only have slightly higher payments but is nearly twice the size of our current home, and it's really quite cute. The backyard is probably 1/16 of our current lot. The front and side is an ok size, and we'll probably eventually move up our fence line so we can have more usable fenced-in yard. We're going to a dreaded back alley garage, but since we're the first house on the street I'm hoping that won't be that big of a deal. We've done all the inspections and I believe the appraisal of the new house is happening next week. According to both our current home and our soon-to-be home are not for sale, so it looks like it's all moving along well. We're moving from one set of "President" streets to another. The neighborhood has a park, pool, and pond (with ducks!).  The elementary school is within walking distance of our house. I'm excited. We will be in a new church ward and Stake, but we'll be in the same building we just switched into after our wards were realigned a few weeks ago. Closing date for both houses is August 24th I believe. And yes, Lesley, it's your old neighborhood! Too bad you aren't still there...

More to come. I'll link pictures after we move.

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Lesley said...

Fun! Too bad we arent still there! I loved that pool! How fun! Good luck moving in the Texas heat:)