Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas morning and beyond

Since I'm obviously not getting these posts up as fast as I'd hoped, I figured I ought to just post what I have for the rest of Dec.So, sorry for the picture purge! I need to catch up before the baby comes.  Matt had 4 weeks off of work and it was really quite fun! He got tons of work done the first two weeks and tons of play in the last two.

Christmas Morning
Notice Walter has his yogurt covered raisins in his hand. 
He had most of his stocking goodies eaten before the day was over.

Walter loved the guitars Santa brought. Dean didn't care that much. 
Walt has been rocking out ever since. He is hilarious to watch. He's got all the moves.

Walter got Dean these "gigantic scissors". Dean's pretending to give himself a haircut.

I never thought I'd be the mom of a houseful of boys with guns! The got pop guns and nerf guns and wii guns this year! They were in heaven.
Grandma & Grandpa Brasfield sent these nerf guns and they were definitely a favorite amongst the presents.

These bath pictures weren't actually on Christmas, but they feature one of the presents they got. Well, Dean got a shaving kit and Walt got a fishing set for the bath. Dean actually was more excited for the fishing, and Walter has loved the shaving kit. Guess we got that one wrong!

Christmas Dinner:
Ribeye Roast
Yorkshire pudding
Broccoli, gravy, and martinelli's. It was all delicious. We'll keep this tradition.

The rest of December:
My friend Destinee came to town. She was my roommate when I taught English in China 10 years ago. It was so fun to see her. She's 6 weeks pregnant with twins in this (can't tell) as a surrogate for friends. Awesome!
Walter and I were playing "construction site" with beans and trucks.  Dean took the pics.


We wanted to take the boys bowling to break up the mario kart and other such after Christmas activities.  I was worse than horrible, but it was fun. Dean bowled half the time without the ramp and half the time with. He got a better score than me!
Walter is celebrating after his turn. They were great celebrators, even if they didn't get all or most of the pins down!

Matt whooped us all. This was taken by Walter I believe.

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