Thursday, April 21, 2011

You're hot then you're cold

Walt is telling me "No" because he didn't want his pic taken!
Our weather has been so odd recently. Two days ago it was 90* and muggy. Yesterday was 60*, overcast and crisp. Today the first half of the day was cool and rainy and the second half felt like we were in a sticky sauna.

The 90* I can do without since it means indoor play all day unless water is involved. The 60* was totally awesome and made me want to live in Moss Beach, CA. We played outside all morning in the sand.  Today was doable. It was great running in the misty cool morning.

Walt got the one shoe on himself...
I am so happy we have our playset. And I'm happy we finally put sand in the sandbox last month! It's been the funnest thing to at home. One of our favorite games to play is "crush the castle".  I'll "build" a castle (usually only 1 or two rectangular bowls of sand dumped upside down) and then the boys smash it to smithereens yelling "CRUSH THE CASTLE!" Some days the boys have to be washed down multiple times through out the day before they're allowed to touch anything in the house.  Some days I miss some sand and find my couch or the boys' beds covered in a fine film.  Today was their longest run of playing together without me, which was about 10 - 15 min. Dean came in looking for me after that. I asked why he didn't go back and play with Walter until I was done with dinner prep and he said, "Because Dean wants to play with you. Not Walter." Baby steps...

I have just felt so blessed to be able to be home with these guys. I'm trying to savor the day to day play and know that it is some of the most important "work" that I'll ever do in my life.

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