Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby 4 @ 36 weeks

I missed posting 32 weeks here, though I still remembered on FB. Anyway, the pregnancy is progressing right along. There should only be 1 more picture and that will be on our way to the hospital in about 4 weeks!  I've been feeling pretty good. I got sick at the end of last month and it wiped me out totally for a week and it took me 2 more weeks to recover fully. I tell you, no pregnant lady should ever have to endure a cough for 3 weeks. Life is good. The boys are a handful and sometimes I wonder what in the world I've gotten myself into having a 4th child. But I am excited and I had a sweet and fun baby shower today at my friend Becca's. I felt very loved. I feel like I have finally made some sort of place for myself here. It took me awhile to settle into TX,  but it's feeling more like home with lots of good friends who help since family is not close by. I am very grateful for that.

Here are the comparison photos of 36 weeks:

With Dean in 2007

With Walter in 2009

With Edward in 2012

And Baby Girl in 2014

Technically my belly is measuring slightly smaller with her than with the others...but I'm still looking and feeling pretty pregnant! 

Here are a few pictures from the baby shower today. I forgot to get the camera out till almost everyone had left! Oops. 
These lovely ladies helped make the shower all possible.

My fantastic neighbor from our McKinney house

Another friend from McKinney who helped out with the shower

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