Friday, June 14, 2013

February recap

Dean and Walter looooove "little legos". Uncle Neil got them each a set at Christmas and legos are seriously the only toy they play with. They have caused many a tiffs, but they have also provided many hours of entertainment.

The boys also got really into sticks for awhile there. They loved riding bikes over to "the climbing tree" (a pecan tree at the primary school) to find sticks to play with.

I don't have photoshop on this computer and my desktop is dead.  Though washed out, this picture shows my not yet 1 year old climbing up to the playhouse. He figured out how to climb down the stairs and slide down as well. Hasn't fallen out yet. =)

Matt started the process of ripping up some of our tiny yard to build some garden boxes.

This was my day for teaching Walter's "preschool". T is for trains (we had numbered cars), transportation, towers, and tasting. The only other kid this semester was Hayden. 

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