Sunday, November 11, 2012

First words

I just realized I still need to post Halloween. Oops. I've been busy. Another piano teacher here had to retire because of bad health problems and I inherited 10 of her 15 students! So now I'm up to 16 from 6 last week!!  I'm hoping I am not overextending myself...

Anyway, I wanted to record that Edward has started talking. He is just shy of 9 months and his first words are: hi, dada, and bye. His main word it dada. It started out as ada, but he's been saying dada more the last few days. He is waving and just figuring out how to clap. He can pull to stand on just about anything and he can stand alone for a few seconds.

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Erin S. said...

Awww, he's getting so big! So much cuteness!!