Friday, October 05, 2012

There goes trouble...

Edward is a mover and shaker! (Literally. He has learned to shake his head "yes" when I ask him a question. haha) He is only 7 months, but he can already climb our stairs completely by himself! Come down that's a whole different matter. He just cut his first top tooth and the second is right behind it. I can tell it's really close, but he has really been quite good about it!  This kid likes to eat WAY more than my other 2. He is insatiable! He'll eat a lot and nurse as much/often as I offer. He pulls himself to stand. I just wish we had a better camera. Ours is 7 years old and is really having a hard time focusing lately. I'm crossing my fingers we can get one for or before Christmas.

This was my first week of teaching Walter's preschool. Dean happened to be here since this was a Friday and he doesn't have school on Friday. I taught C and D. C was for Curious George and Cars. D was for Dinosaur and dough.

 The weather has been pretty warm still, but we've had a few fun rain storms recently. Tonight we actually had our first real cold front blow in. It's supposed to be a high of 54 tomorrow (! We had our AC on earlier today to get our house down to 77!!), though next week we're supposed to get back to the 80s. We were out on a walk and we got caught in a rain with big fat drops. I piled all three in the jogger to get home quickly. Walter had to sit on Dean's lap. =) When we got home, the boys wanted to play out in the rain with the umbrella.

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