Monday, December 05, 2011

The love goes through the umbilical cord

I have had a rough couple of days with Dean (he's been very moody), so it was so refreshing to have a really great afternoon with him. While Walter was asleep I read him some books and we did 3 pages in his reading lessons book (we're 260 something pages into the book!). He was reading so well (yes, he really is reading some and sounding out a lot more at barely 4) and doing everything so cooperatively.

I let him play some computer while I did chores, and a little while later he ended up coming to find me with  word finds he'd printed out from PBS's Word Girl.  The words were things like: Flabbergasted, distracted, coordination, cumbersome, futile, etc. He knew a lot of the definitions and would tell me what each word meant as we went down the list.  He was in SUCH a fantastic mood as we were doing this. He kept giving me hugs and kisses and told me he loved me.  At one point he said, "I want to give the baby a kiss." and he kissed my belly. He then said, "The baby knows that I love him. My love goes through your belly, through the umbilical cord, to the baby, and then the baby knows that I love him. That's how it works. The baby loves me too."  I just love that kid.

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