Friday, November 18, 2011

3 baby 28 weeks

Another month has gone by! Sorry this blog has turned into a baby diary! But this is what is on my mind (and in my body. hehe).   Here we are at 28 weeks. Welcome to the 3rd trimester. I have felt quite good. I can tell the baby is getting much bigger and moves a TON.  You can now easily see when he is moving (like I have an alien life form in me), and the other day Dean goes "I just saw your belly move! I think the baby is walking around!!" I told him he probably didn't have much room to walk, and he said, "Well, maybe he's just doing somersaults then."

While we were playing outside the other day, the boys were being really good and I said something like,

"You know I love you boys."
Dean: "Yeah, and you love the baby too!"
"Of course, he's one of my boys too."
Dean: "Next time we have a baby I hope we have a girl since you're the only girl in our family."
"Yep. I'm the lone girl in a pack of boys."
Dean: "No you're not! You're a happy girl with your favorite boys!"

Well said, Dean. Well said.

Walter often hugs and kisses my belly saying he's giving the baby hugs. So, so cute. Sometimes he leans up against my belly and says he's squishing the baby. haha.

I'm still able to jog. It's been great. I nearly gave up about a month ago when I started having some belly aches, but then my body just seemed to acclimate itself to my belly and I had a renewed sense of strength. I don't really have belly pains, so I figure I'll just keep at it! This morning I ran 3.22 miles in 31 min. (by myself, I'm about a min. slower per mile when I have the boys), so I feel pretty darn good about that. I think I'm going to do the McKinney Believe! 5k run next Saturday. I considered doing the 10K, but I know I can do 3.1 miles without pushing it, and I haven't done anything over 4 mi. in a couple months, so I didn't want to over do it.

Here's a link to what I looked like at 28 weeks with my other two.


mad white woman said...

I'm really embarrassed that your mile time at 28 weeks pregnant is faster than my non-pregnant time.

You're awesome!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Thanks! This morning I had the best run I've had in months. I had great songs and ended up doing 3.43 miles in 30 min! That's an 8:45 pace! I truly am blessed to have a healthy body during my pregnancy. It's something that I love, so don't feel bad MWW. I kind of feel like I"m running a race every time I go out. =)