Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Matt's 30th

Well, somehow we're half way through August and I have yet to post about Matt's 30th birthday that occurred July 31st.

Two years ago I made Matt a birthday cake the day I got home from the hospital after having my c-section with Walter. Last year I made him a cherry pie from scratch since we had Walt's birthday cake a mere 4 days earlier. This year Matt really wanted his traditional "Safeway" cake he got growing up every year. Vanilla cake with a raspberry filling and butter cream frosting.  Luckily we have Tom Thumb here, which is Safeway under a different name. We bought the absolute smallest one the had (half of a 1/4 is what they called it) since we'd just had Walt's cake. It really was good.  I was happy that very cake was on sale for 60% off on his birthday weekend as well so we only had to pay $5 for the cake!

We basically did all of the celebrating on the 30th since his birthday was on Sunday this year. We got free ice cream cones after lunch for Walter and Matt (Dean and I shared one that we paid for).  We did a late lunch/early dinner for the boys so we could have cake with them before bed. After we put the boys to bed we went out for a late dinner at Taste of India (YUM. One of our favorites.)  We both got our norms (this is the only place that I go back for the same dish nearly every time because it's just so yummy I can't pass it up.) I got Mali Kofta. YUMYUM!!!!  Matt got Beef Vindaloo and Chicken Tikka Masala. And of course naan. Yes it was more food than we needed, but it makes for some fantastic leftovers.

After dinner we went to see the last Harry Potter movie in the theater. We both thought it was really good, though Matt remembered some things that were different from the books that I'd forgotten. Overall I thought they did a good job, though they probably could have improved a few minor things. It was a good end to a looooong run of books/movies.

The next day we got to talk with his parents on Skype. That's pretty much all we did to celebrate his birthday on the actual day.  Pretty anti-climactic.

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