Monday, June 20, 2011

All about my dad, by Dean

Taken on Valentine's day 2011
In church they did a little survey about the kids' dads. Here are Dean's answers.

Things my dad likes:
Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite dessert: Cake
Favorite game to play: Wii
Favorite sport to watch: Basketball (where he got this, I have no idea. I'm really surprised he didn't say hockey.)
Favorite sport to play: soccer (same. I don't think Matt's ever played soccer in his life. I don't think he's ever even kicked the ball to Dean)
My favorite memory with my dad is:  play memory with dad

My dad is the best in the family at: work. He works best.
At his job, my dad:  works at work
When not at work, my dad likes to: play wii (really? even though he's on the computer like 95% of his time?)

My dad is 12 years old.

My dad is 6 ft tall
My dad weighs 50 lbs.
My dad has green hair.
My dad's eyes are hazel.
My dad likes to wear: Robot suit (hahahahah. love this one. Plenty of robot shirts but no robot suits.)
My dad is special to me because he works.
Once when Matt was working out of town I suggested we pray for dad because he was working so hard for us. Ever since then Dean says in almost every prayer (even blessings on food) "Thank you that dad works so hard every day except not on Sunday."  He's so funny. 

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mad white woman said...

Matt should really get a robot suit. Ha!

Sounds like he's tall and slender like the dads of the kids in my primary class. The kids weren't that off with the height, it was just the weight. They have NO concept of it. And these kids are a few years older than Dean.