Thursday, June 17, 2010

We had a fun day at the lake...

but I think I need to hire a better sunscreen helper! haha.

Just kidding. It's so hard to get the whole sun screen thing down. Walt, Dean and I all walked away from the lake with some sort of burn. I on my back. Dean on his arms. Walt on one foot and a little on both legs. Oops.

Matt says we're not allowed to go back until I learn how to apply sun screen properly and timely. It's so hard with sand and water and no water proof watch!

Lake Ray Roberts is just about 40 min. from us. It's really fun. There's a group of women about my age with kids (ranging from about 10 yrs. to under a year) who go there about once a week. Thursday is the standard day. I hope we get to go a whole lot more this summer (and also hope this is the worst of the sunburns!!).

Oh, and Dean FINALLY went in the water! And he really enjoyed it. He's never really liked pools and refuses to play on splash pads at parks. But with a little tube and good life jacket, he had loads of fun floating "on his own".

Walt loved the beach almost too much! After we got home he had an explosive diaper full of sand! He ate a lot of it the first 20 min. we were there. =) Silly boy.

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Juls said...

even though I think the spray is a rip off it is a lot easier to apply to your back